Ever wondered what goes on in the University of St Andrews? Bright Club brings current research to the stand-up comedy scene.

Bright Club is the place where public engagement and stand-up comedy collide. Academics and researchers - most of whom have never done comedy before - take to the stage to perform an 8 minute routine about their area of expertise. Following successes in Edinburgh, Dundee and other cities around the country, Bright Club is coming to St Andrews.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Bright Club St Andrews I: Introducktion - 26/02/2014

Apologies for the delay in updating the site- academic life continues after Bright Club and I've been testing most days. However I now have a break, and so I shall give you updates!

Our first Bright Club St Andrews event was a resounding success! We filled the room and I think we made a few friends and fans. We're already preparing for the next one, so keep April 30th open, folks!

Here's some of the videos from the night:

Lewis Dean - A Primatologist Monkeying Around

Ana Navarrete - Brain Maniac

Suzanne McEndoo - Quantum Zoo

Mike Corr - The Fluorine Funster

Becky Boulton - Feminism with a Sting in its Tail

Thank you again to the Wellcome Trust for being lovely and giving us money to play with. Until next time Bright Lovers, stay classy St Andrews!

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